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★ I am afraid my Blog is going to be a Multi-SHIPS Blog (and i obviously have a kink for the doomed impossible ships xD): Helena/Barbara (Huntress/Batgirl - BoP), Kate Kane/Renee Montoya or every other Female in Gotham ;), Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn, Hel/Trixie (Bitch Slap), Cara/Kahlan (LotS), Myka/H.G. (WH 13), Alice with either Jill or Claire (RE Movies), Cosima/Delphine (Orphan Black), Nyssa/Sara (Arrow), Maleficent/grown up Aurora, Mina/Lucy (Dracula), Nina/Rachel (Alphas), Rizzoli/Isles (Rizzles), Tamsin/Bo (Lost Girl), Emma/Regina (OuaT), FemShepard/Liara (Mass Effect), FemHawke/Isabela (Dragon Age 2), Maya/Lilith Gaige/Moxxi (Borderlands)... I am pretty sure there will be a few more soon... lol

I love digital drawings, tasteful photo-manipulations, Burlesque, british Accents, Steampunk & England of the 18th/19th century... Artist, Red-Head, Scorpio, Nerdsbian, Lover of Movies, Shows, Comics & Games... 29+ (yes, its my age :P) ★



Caity Lotz for Esquire Magazine

AU: Sara Lance was found by fishermen in the North China Sea, after being presumed dead for five years. Once home, Sara becomes the Black Canary, taking up the role of Starling City’s only and most lethal vigilante, in order to fulfill Robert Queen’s dying wish; “save our city”. 

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@caitylotz Shhh shhh sweet Nyssa. Everything is going to be okay. #ArrowSeason3Premiere #LGBT

@Misskatrinalaw No, it’s not!!!

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A fast Manip of my new Babies, because there are just not enough pics of em. ^^

A fast Manip of my new Babies, because there are just not enough pics of em. ^^

Katrina Law and Caity Lotz at Dragoncon 2014 (so far)