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Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the Devil says "Oh crap, she's up!"

★ I am afraid my Blog is going to be a Multi-SHIPS Blog (and i obviously have a kink for the doomed impossible ships xD): Helena/Barbara (Huntress/Batgirl - BoP), Kate Kane/every Female in Gotham, but mainly with Babs ;), Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn, Hel/Trixie (Bitch Slap), Cara/Kahlan (LotS), Myka/H.G. (WH 13), Alice with either Jill or Claire (RE Movies), Mina/Lucy (Dracula), Emma/Regina (OuaT), Nina/Rachel (Alphas), Rizzoli/Isles (Rizzles), Valkubus aka Tamsin/Bo (Lost Girl), Callie/Arizona (Grey's), Lilith/Maya (Borderlands), FemShepard/Liara (Mass Effect), FemHawke/Isabela (Dragon Age 2)... I am pretty sure there will be a few more soon... lol

I love digital drawings, tasteful photo-manipulations, Burlesque, british Accents, Steampunk & England of the 18th/19th century... Artist, Red-Head, Scorpio, Nerdsbian, Lover of Movies, Shows, Comics & Games... 29+ (yes, its my age :P) ★


Just a fast Manip for Race. ;)

Just a fast Manip for Race. ;)

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